NHS Guidance 

The school counseling office is available to assist all students in their educational, career, personal, and social development. The office is open to all students before, during, and after school hours. The counselor can help gather information about colleges, vocational programs, careers, scholarships, standardized test scores, and programs of study as we talk with students about individual concerns. The counselor will gladly assist parents in any way possible. Students are encouraged to use guidance materials and talk with the counselor often to gain the maximum potential of services available. 

School phone: 276-496-7751                   School fax: 276-496-3216

Guidance Director/Counselor - Kim Ratliff     kimratliff@scsb.org    

Guidance Secretary - Bethany  Clear    bethanyclear@scsb.org  

VHCC College Navigator - Randall Roberts  rroberts@vhcc.edu

Visit http://www.virginiaisforlearners.virginia.gov/media-library/ for more information about Virginia's 5 C's


Healthcare Careers Camp

For Rising High School Juniors and Seniors

Co-sponsored by Ballad Healthcare Systems and offered in partnership with Smyth County Schools, Washington County Schools, and Bristol City Schools; Emory & Henry College offers an online Healthcare Careers Camp Monday through Friday, June 15-19, 2020 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Students who are interested in exploring healthcare careers such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, athletic training, pharmacy, optometry, medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine or other fields are encouraged to attend the camp. The cost of the camp is $10 per student. 

Come by the guidance office and check out our scholarship board.  Scholarships will be hung up on this board with a sign out sheet.  Please sign your name and date the scholarships sign out sheet when you pick up a scholarship.


Virginia Highlands Community College - Transcript Request

Virginia Highlands Community College has changed to parchment for requesting your transcript. To request your transcript from Virginia Highlands Community College you will need to go to www.vhcc.edu.  In the green box at the top of the page, scroll over I WANT TO...click on Request a Transcript.  Click on the blue box that says Order my Transcript and set up your account.  You have to have a debit or credit card to pay for your transcript.  Digital transcripts are $3.00.  Paper transcripts are $5.50.


Here are 5 Pro Tips to Getting Your Scholarship Entry NOTICED

1. Greetings & Introduction Matter

As I’ve noted before, reviewing scholarships can become dull (and even daunting) after a while. As with any other tasks, it can feel robotic to read essays after essays after essays.

Pro Tip: Write a short intro and greet the person reviewing your scholarship entry. You’d be surprised to see how a simple greeting can make a huge difference in perception and reception. (See: Email Etiquettes #2 and #3).

2. Use a Proper & Professional Email Address

This one is obvious, if you want the judges to take you seriously.

Pro Tip: If possible, use your school (.edu) email address, and make sure to actually check your email in case the judges need to contact you!

3. Don’t write a thesis paper – tell a story.

According to Monica Matthews, “judges look for solid students who have helped others and write their scholarship essays from the heart.” I agree. Reading scholarship essays shouldn’t be like reading a textbook. If you’re just listing facts, you’re doing what the majority of the applicants are doing, and that’s not going to make yours stand out.

Pro Tip: Get personal! Be creative! Don’t be afraid to share your story.

4. Make sure you send the correct links…

I get it – you didn’t mean to send the link to your friend’s Facebook page or your online homework platform. But you can’t blame anyone but yourself… By sending the wrong links, your chance of winning the scholarship just dropped to zero! :s

Pro Tip: Triple check that you copy pasted the correct link (and that the link is not broken)!

5. Cross the t’s and dot the i’s!

To reiterate and sum up everything I’ve said in 4 words, be meticulous and thorough!

Pro Tip: After you’ve made your final edits, take a 24-hour break, then look through the whole application one last time before clicking that ‘send’ button!


Instructions are meant to be followed, and guidelines are meant to help you! 

If you want your scholarship application to be taken seriously, you seriously have to follow the rules & make your application stand out from the rest!


Test Date:                              Deadline: 

October 5                               September 6

November 2                           October 3

December 7                           November 8

March 14                                February 14  

May 2                                     April 3

June 6                                     May 8

THE NEW SAT    $49.50

SAT w/ Essay     $64.50

Late fee $30.00



Visit www.collegeboard.org to apply


Test Date:                              Deadline:

October 26                             September 20

December 14                         November 8

February 8                              January 10

April 4                                     February 28

June 13                                   May 8


$50.50 No Writing

$67.00 with Writing

Add $30.00 for Late Deadline


 Visit www.act.org to apply