Specials Squad


Special area subjects, often referred to as “specials,” are electives taken in primary school. These classes are taught by specific, specialized teachers to give children a more well-rounded education. They are in addition to regular classroom academic subjects, including physical education, the arts, technology, and other learning enhancements.

Here at Collins, Coach Rodney Lloyd sees every student every day for 40 minutes of PE. He is assisted by Coaches Hayley Clemons and Felicia Chanthavong.

Students rotate on a weekly basis to other arts and technology specials. These 40 minute classes include art with Mrs. Betsy Parks, drama with Mr. Matt Brewer, library with Mrs. Laura McNutt assisted by Mrs. Tammy Gann, counseling with Mrs. Paige Machen, and technology with Mrs. Ann Gonzales. 4th, 5th and 6th Grade students rotate to Miss Meredith Kellenberger for music. 5th and 6th grade band students see her Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and attend other specials on Tuesday and Thursday.