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We see healthy and fearless people living harmonious, prosperous, simple lives, in communities freed from everyday worries

Sounds of Science - the Opera

a mix of art and science to create a modern opera and a powerful channel to reflect and tell a science story. Susanna’s vision is to realize a creative development with collaboration of artists, authors, musicians, actors, directors and choreographers to produce a production that will make opera come alive again in a most unusual way. Read more ...

We host projects to solve complex problems by targeting first the simpler small elements with the largest beneficial impact over the complete system


The digital fabrication ®evolution

transforming manufacturing like the WorldWideWeb did to the information ecosystem.

The fundation ecosystem becomes a virtual laboratory where the generation of knowledge is for the common good

David is reinventing the economy

Using cryptocurrency to create wealth where the financial framework comes short to deliver, brings the capability to ignite new economies, for the good of those populations left outside of the big markets and lost in history. Read more ...

The foundation hosts an open network where innovation projects can happen in a sandbox environment

Do you have an idea, initiative or project that can solve any of humanity's problems today and for the years to come?

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