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November 23 2020- Have a Great Thanksgiving Break!

congratulations on an amazing end to Trimester One. Your teachers are hard at work diving into Finals data and making plans for student support in Trimester Two. We are also working on making some changes for Trimester Two based on student and family feedback- more to come in Monday, 11/30's Morning Meeting. Stay Tuned!

We hope that you take this week to rest, enjoy family, and recharge for the next Trimester. No matter where your plans take you, stay healthy and safe! We will see you next Monday!

Here are some things to focus on this week:

  • Grades! Students and Families should have received a progress report via Flyer last week- be sure to check Infinite Campus often to monitor for work completion! If you have a failing grade, it is important that you reach out to that class's teacher ASAP to figure out how to bring it up!

  • 1 on 1 Advisor Check ins- your advisor has been working hard to prep for a 1 on 1 check in with you to see how your classes are going, check in on your grades/attendance/mental health, and set some goals for success! Be sure to fill out your conferencing doc ahead of time so they can see how you are reflecting, and be sure to answer their call when they call you for your check in! These are important connection times with your advisor to ensure that you are getting as much support as possible- help them help you! :)

  • Attendance - Be on time to your classes, every single one! Robocalls are going home in the morning and in the afternoon, and will be sent home for students who are late as well. We want to make sure that you are on time for every class so that you do not miss one minute of learning! If you have to be late or you need to miss a class for personal reasons, please call Ms. Cedillo at the front desk so that we can excuse your absence/tardy- (303) 802-4127

  • Accountable Participation! You are being graded on your participation and engagement in class, so make sure that you show up and show out! We have rolled out a new system to track engagement as well- when a student is unresponsive, parents are notified via an email/text that is sent home at the end of the day. Ways that you should be participating/engaging in the learning are:

    1. Raise your hand/come off your mic to offer answers

    2. During answer share out and small group discussions, be sure to turn on your camera. It's important for relationship building between peers and with teachers!

    3. Use the chat function for academic purposes only: ask questions, offer answers, etc. but save the silliness for appropriate times only- the chat is a place to support teachers in helping students, so it needs to be clear of distractions!

    4. Be sure to hit the "turn in" button on your classwork at the end of each class- this will show your teachers that your work is ready to be graded, and will help you avoid a "missing/zero" in the grade book!

If you are having mic/camera issues, send an email to student.helpdesk@scienceandtech.org and to your advisor, and we will help you get it fixed ASAP!


on an incredible showing at Colorado Free Application Day! We CRUSHED the competition with more than 400 total college applications submitted! BUZZ BUZZ!

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2020 Closing Circle Reflections- CGHS

Check out some of the best closing circle reflections from our very own Hornets :) 19-20 was a GREAT school year, even if it was a bit different than we expected!