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Week 8 - May 26, 2020- Remediation Week!

Welcome to Remediation week, the last full week of the school year! We are looking forward to supporting students complete make up assignments this week in their courses- congratulations to all who have completed all modules! Two Reminders for this week:

  1. If you are required to attend remediation, you can only receive credit for your missing assignments if you attend your class blocks. Check out our class schedule on the site if you need a reminder!

  2. Everyone still needs to take the attendance survey (in your email daily!) through 6/2, even if you are done with module work. Come to advisory each morning for fun activities to focus on college and close out the year!

JUNIORS will be working on their personal statements in Composition class this week. Sign up for support with this from Ms. Joyner or Ms. Bess if you need it!

2020 Closing Circle Reflections- CGHS

Check out some of the best closing circle reflections from our very own Hornets :) 19-20 was a GREAT school year, even if it was a bit different than we expected!

(5/21) CGHS Hornets Night of the Arts!

Performances and Art by:

Edom, McKenzie, Celest, Antonio, Jane, Lacee, Ayleen, and Edric.


What is Project: Create?

What is it? A contest for all K-12 students across Colorado (and you!). Each week students will be presented with a project - out of all of the sumitted responses 6 students will be chosen as winners.

What is the prize? The prize changes each week but each winner will be given the prize and highlighted on CBS4 - Denver.

Where can I learn more and participate? At DSSTProjectCreate.org.

Theme: Superheros and Villians

This week’s challenge is to create superhero and villain characters based on topics in the Arts or STEM. Your characters can be created in either a trading card or a comic book.

Read the full description of this week's challenge here .

Submission Deadline: Monday, May 18 by 8am

Project Details dsstprojectcreate.org

Questions? Please reach out to project.create@scienceandtech.org.

Congratulations to our very own Vesta T for winning last week's challenge! Check out Vesta's interview on CBS4 that aired on 4/22!

Red Heart with a Yellow Flower Campaign

To honor those suffering from the Corona Virus, send a picture of a heart and flower that you create and display to Ms. Ruskin: Lacey.Ruskin@scienceandtech.org