Artificial Intelligence Laboratory @ TU

Research Fields

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Educational Technology

"Everything happens for a reason, good ones for encouraging and bad ones for learning lessons. "

— R.Kongkachandra, CS@TU

"It is important to do something we love to do."

Since we teach and learn with love, we select Kanji 「愛」(ai) as a logo of Artificial intelligence Laboratory.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, AI, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Information Extraction, Knowledge Representation, Ontology, e-Testing, Big Data, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Machine Translation, Speech Recognition, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Network, Nature Inspired Algorithm, Optimization, Educational Data Mining, AI in Education, Robot, Expert System, Social Network Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Cognitive Science and Artificial Thinking

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