District 15 School District

Rafael T. Alvarez, Superintendent                                          

Welcome to School District 15's education website! We are proud to provide our community with access to resources and information about our district. We hope you find the information here helpful and we look forward to working with you to ensure the success of our students. 

 What's Happening in District 15

Find out the latest updates, information and dates for District 15 & District 15 Schools

 Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision: District 15 will ensure equitable opportunities for success that empower our diverse communities to value and nurture every student’s strengths. 

Our Mission: District 15’s mission is to provide equitable opportunities for success that values and nurtures our students, building upon their strengths so they may become empowered members of our diverse community.

We will support school communities by:

 TownHall April 19, 2023

Please see the following links to the slides for the April 19, 2023 Town Hall

 school leadership team (sLT) information by School

NYC Educators and schools are dedicated to meeting the educational needs of all our children.  This ensures that each of our schools has a dedicated School Leadership Team (SLT) to bring together parents, school staff and other stakeholders to help develop educational policies for their school to enrich the lives and education of students in the spirit of collaboration.  

Please go to the following link for more information and how to join the School Leadership Team

Please go the following link to view the SLT page and meeting dates for SLT at each school.