Community School District 6

About Us 

Led by Superintendent Manuel Ramirez, Community School District 6 (CSD 6) is a New York City Public Schools district serving Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights, and Inwood. Our CSD 6 consists of 39 schools. 

Our Vision

District 6 is where every child, in every school, is afforded an exemplary 21st-century learning environment through a multidimensional approach that engages families and community. Every student has equitable access to high-quality, rigorous instruction that fosters the authentic knowledge, critical and creative thinking skills, and dispositions needed to be a confident and independent thinker, self-directed learner, active contributor, and concerned citizen.


We are committed to increasing the capacity of school leaders, to build upon teacher practice and to work collaboratively with parents, families and the school community, in order to nurture confident and independent thinkers. Students will increasingly engage in project-based experiences aligned to authentic, real-life problems and/or situations.

2022-2023 School Year Priorities: 

District 6 will continue to strengthen and sustain effective planning and implementation of instruction through continued professional development, learning walks, and school visits to deepen authentic student engagement across our schools. 

District 6 Superintendent's Team 

Superintendent: Manuel Ramirez -

Deputy Superintendent: Camille Wallin-

Executive Director of School Support and Operations: Rashan Hoke -

Teacher Development and Evaluation Coach: Mary Brouder -

Director of Continuous Improvement: Angela  Rodriguez -

Special Projects Director: Sandy Mayol -

Early Childhood Education Administrator: Ana Kristina Silva -

Academic Support Field Manager:  Vacancy

Administrator of Special Education: Phillip Konig -

Administrator of Special Education: Jazlyn Mena -

ELL Compliance Officer: Nazda Palchik Medina -

Director of Budget and Finance: Odell Suero-

Instructional Lead: Limor Levy -

MLL Services Administrator: Johanna Marte -

School Improvement Coach: Jerome Scarlett -

Student Services Manager: Dana White -

Attendance Coordinator: Ester Quiño​nes-

Academic Policy & Assessment Administrator: Harmonica Kao -

District Achievement & Instructional Specialist: Rosanny Cuello Ventura -

Academic Intervention Specialist: Tonia Hemingway -

Academic Intervention Specialist: Suzette Santana -

Family Leadership Coordinator: Rebecca Alicea -

Family Support Coordinator: Cha-nai Dent-

Administrative Assistant: Anamaria Espinal-

Contact Our Office  

Location: 4360 Broadway (between 186th and 187th Street), Room 413, New York, NY 10033

Fax: 917-521-3797