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Community Education Council 6 (CEC 6) 

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Community Education Council

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About CEC 6 

CEC-6 Strongly believes in advocating for policies that provide every student with a quality public education.

CEC 6 is responsible for advocating for policies that enable CSD 6 schools, grades kindergarten to 8th grade, to provide every student with a quality public education with a strong foundation rooted in child-centered teaching and learning practices.

A quality public education is the right of every student regardless of gender, race, socio-economic status, immigration status or circumstances.  Public schools are where students have the opportunity to learn from highly qualified teachers and from one another while being exposed to the diversity of human experiences including cultures, languages, learning differences, different abilities, socio-economic backgrounds, gender, religion and sexual orientation.    

CEC 6 will work to support a whole-child education, where every student has access to a quality education full of enriching experiences that maximize his or her potential and provide opportunities to nurture talents not measured by standardized testing.  Whole child education includes a curriculum that is responsive to students learning styles, inspires learning and creatively, and allows time and room for innovation.  It is also conducive to a positive learning environment that promotes the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of every child. 

Our Motto

Educate a Whole Child

Our Mission

To advocate education that safely and fully addresses a whole child’s learning experience in public schools.

Our Vision

By empowering parents to work together to influence and defend education and our public schools.  We build a stronger and more cohesive community.  We aim to advocate safe, positive and creative environments in which students can learn with the full benefits that public funding and community stakeholders can provide.  We envision the development of students, by highly qualified teachers regardless of gender, race, socio-economic status, immigration status or social circumstances.  In all, our vision is to support the full civic, academic and emotional development of our children.

2023-2024 School Year Meeting Calendar {Also on Upcoming Events Calendar Tab}  

CEC 6 meet twice every month.  Once for a Business, and another for the Calendar meeting.  A couple of meetings are hosted in combination.     

All meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m. except combo meetings will meet at 6:30 PM>  More Information To Come. 

Reminder, for Business Meeting the public may attend as silent observers. Calendar meeting is open to the public for comments.

     CEC 6 Meeting Dates below, also on the UPCOMING EVENTS tab.

Chancellor's Regulation D-140: Process for the Nomination and Selection of Members of The Community Education Councils Including Filling Vacancies 

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