Superintendent Manuel Ramirez' Welcome

Greetings families and educational stakeholders!  

Welcome to the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) Community School District 6 (CSD 6) website.  On behalf of the members of our school community, administration, faculty, and staff, I would like to thank you for your continued interest and support of CSD 6.  We are facing a multitude of challenges and changes caused by the COVID-19 health pandemic and shift to remote learning, and launched this page in September 2020 to address the needs of our families in a remote setting providing accessibility across all devices.  Our website provides a direct link to district-specific information that is relevant to all community stakeholders.  I hope you find this virtual resource to be useful and informative.

Photo of Superintendent Manuel Ramirez

As Superintendent, I supervise and lead 39 schools serving families residing within the district spanning across Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights, and Inwood.  Grade bands include 3K- 12th grades.  My team and I are committed to providing a high-quality education to all of our children.  We believe in engaging the trifecta; Family, Student, and Community; to effectively and positively impact student’s academic achievement.  As such we are connecting with scholastic stakeholders to offer them a seat at the table and include their feedback in our district’s strategic planning. 

CSD 6 Triangle of Trust logo

Our team has initiated various initiatives guided by our triangle of trust which encompasses the five tenets of successful schools, “90/90/90 schools”, and the framework for great schools to solidify our supports to both schools and the families of the children we serve.  The five tenets for successful schools suggest there are five common attributes that make an effective school including quality leadership, having high expectations of students as well as teachers, conducting ongoing evaluations, having goals and direction, as well as being secure and organized.  

The “90/90/90 Schools” have the following characteristics: more than 90 percent of the students are eligible for free and reduced lunch, a commonly used surrogate for low-income families, more than 90 percent of the students are ethnic minorities, and more than 90 percent of the students met or achieved high academic standards, according to independently conducted tests of academic achievement.  There are five characteristics that were common to all “90/90/90 Schools” including a focus on academic achievement, clear curriculum choices, frequent assessment of student progress and multiple opportunities for improvement, an emphasis on writing, and external scoring.  The Framework for Great Schools is the primary way the Department of Education partners with our schools. At the center of the Framework is student achievement. The core goal of education is to help students get to the next level and succeed. Surrounding that core are the three elements of student support: instructional guidance, teacher empowerment, and student-centered learning. Beyond the classroom, we need effective school leadership and strong parent-community collaboration. The element that ties all of these supports together is trust. Building trust across the system and within a school—between administrators, educators, students, and families—is the foundation of the Framework for Great Schools.

Our vision and mission are rooted in high expectations.  That said we have taken an aggressive approach to increase the multiple opportunities provided for success and student growth including afterschool programs where we offer academic, athletic, and artistic, Saturday classes, summer institute, break academies, and different institutes and opportunities to support students academically school breaks (i.e. winter recess and spring break).  We have implemented two math periods each day, which has led to an increase in mathematics and science instruction resulting in 8th-grade students successfully taking the living environment and integrated algebra regents with passing scores.  This opportunity has better equipped our students to enter high school at a more advanced pace than required.  I have placed high quality school leaders to lead our schools.  To ensure all layers of staff are constantly expanding their skill set and knowledge we place strong emphasis on teacher effectiveness and professional development as well as attending different conferences such as the annual STEM PD as part of our partnership with STEM Happens network.  We have learning pods in place  amongst different layers of staff including Principals, Assistant Principals, and parent coordinators.  We convene the different groups and structure them in smaller sets assigning them different readings and tasks to share with their school community.  The pods are a vessel to increase collegial mentorship and sharing of best practices and strategies, a collaboration between the schools, and many other positive influences. 

Our current focus is transitioning all of our parent facing events and initiatives to the virtual setting with the integration of new topics to serve parent needs during remote learning with constant adjustment to better serve our families.  Currently tuition free adult education classes are being offered virtually to prevent a gap of services to any NYC residents 21 and over without a H.S. equivalency or diploma.  Districtwide initiatives include but are not limited to the Summer Parent Academy (SPA) and Wellness Initiative Now 6 (WIN 6).  SPA was strategically planned by compiling survey responses, parent 311 escalations, and feedback from school staff as well as community and parent leaders.  Our annual cycle of workshops is tailored to the needs of our school community with a goal to equip parents with tools and resources to navigate and advocate for their children within the NYC DOE educational system.  Held for the past 5 years with a focus on building the capacity of parent leaders.  WIN 6 is an initiative that aims to increase awareness of positive health behaviors and resources while empowering community schools to provide activities and host wellness events that benefit the community. WIN 6 focuses on the three general pillars of wellness; physical activity, health education, and mental wellness.  

I encourage you to spend time navigating our website and learning more about our school district.  Please connect with us using the “Contact Us” form on our home tab, if you have any questions or would like more information regarding our growing school district.  Our district staff is here to support, help and guide you.  Thank you for visiting the CSD 6 page.

Respectfully Yours, 

Manuel Ramirez

Community School District 6 Superintendent