Scientific Ocean Vehicles Alliance 


Welcome to the Scientific Ocean Vehicles Alliance (SOVA) site & forum! 

Our goal is to provide a platform for operators, managers, engineers, and technicians to discuss topics related to the development and operations of scientific ocean vehicles, and to increase networking and collaboration opportunities between organizations who provide services to the ocean science community. 

Collectively, the members of this community have decades worth of experience, and by working together we will be able to optimize the overall operations of these vehicles, increase efficiencies, and standardize operational procedures for conducting ocean science. If successful, we will facilitate not another incremental step, but a monumental step in how ocean science is conducted using robotic vehicles.

Involvement in this community is open to anyone who may be able to contribute to the advancement of ocean science using robotic vehicles, or build on the knowledge learned from the pioneers of the past decades, to further the capabilities of the Ocean Science Community. Please note the information posted to this web site is publicly viewable, but the discussion forum and access to linked documents is for members only.