Year 9 & 10


Welcome to Years 9 and 10 at Summerland Christian College.

Dear Parents and Students,

We are thrilled to support you in the next educational step and to find the best learning pathway for your future. The College is committed to helping our students achieve their best, within a Godly, biblically-based environment and to help each student to develop their gifts and talents.

As students enter Years 9 and 10, they are stepping into their final years of schooling, where the skills and knowledge they have learnt become honed into key learning areas and elected areas of interest.

In this website you will find important information about the ROSA and the elective choices students have available to them at Summerland Christian College. I hope you find this information helpful in making an informed choice!

God bless you,

Alesha Dymock

Head of Secondary

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General Info

General administration information about year 9 & 10 years of study at SCC.


A brief tour through the elective opportunities at Summerland Christian College


All about the Record of School Achievement and schooling requirements