Academics are at the core of the Scappoose School District, with the goal of having each educator, parent, and the greater community collectively contribute to cultivating passionate lifelong learners for an ever-changing world.

The Student Achievement Team is committed to providing multi-tiered systems of support that allow us to meet the needs of the individual child to create optimal learning experiences. We carefully select guaranteed and viable curriculum that support learning through aligned academic standards, student-friendly learning targets, and highly effective teaching strategies. The Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP), SSD Strategic Plan, and Federal IA and IIA Programs are also under the umbrella of this department.

Our department strives to ensure instructional leadership and coaching of our staff so they may deliver quality instruction. SSD is grounded in evidence-based practices that strengthen the academic core and address the learning needs of every student. The team is focused on professional development for all staff members to ensure they are prepared for 21st century teaching and learning.

Meet the Student Achievement Team

Jen Stearns

Director of Student Achievement

Jen is passionate about education, leadership, and telling a story, which makes being the Director of Student Achievement her perfect fit. In addition to this role, Jen serves as the Principal of Grant Watts Elementary School where she has spent the past five years helping to shape a learning environment where kids are the focus. In addition to her current leadership roles, Jen has been an educator for over 20 years in K-12 classrooms across multiple content areas, special education, and literacy. Her main goal is to be a catalyst for change and a champion of innovation in education.

Tandle Futter


Instructional Coach

Tandle brings enthusiasm and creativity to our Student Achievement Team. She has been a dedicated teacher to the Scappoose School District for over 20 years. Within those years she has been an integral part of teams at both Scappoose Middle School and Otto Petersen Elementary. Her certifications in mathematics and social science, coupled with elementary education experience, make her a vital asset to the district. Her zest for curriculum design and ability to utilize data to align standards extends beyond the realm of mathematics.

Keely Nudo

Literacy TOSA

Instructional Coach

Keely is a teacher who loves to positively impact learning for both students and teachers. Before coming to Scappoose 5 years ago and absolutely loving her tenure in Kindergarten at Grant Watts, Keely was a Talented and Gifted Specialist for grades K-5 for 14 years and before that a classroom teacher in grades K-2. Keely has been a passionate and dedicated educator for almost 30 years. She is very excited to share this passion with the staff in Scappoose, so we can all grow professionally and feel supported in the work we do every day for our students.

In partnership with families and the community, Scappoose School District is dedicated to cultivating students who are leaders, communicators, thinkers, principled, and caring by:

  • Ensuring a safe, healthy, and supportive environment that promotes the emotional, social, and psychological wellness of each person

  • Providing rigorous and innovative programs through high standards of teaching and learning

  • Preparing students to demonstrate leadership, self-direction, confidence, and a strong work ethic to help guarantee a sustainable future

  • Building, supporting, and retaining a caring, highly trained staff who promote creative expression and critical thinking

  • Developing cultural competence while embracing diversity for all students

  • Offering a variety of experiences and opportunities in and out of the classroom.

As part of the strategic plan, SSD strives to provide early childhood experiences aligned with the Profile of a Graduate outcomes and designed to prepare students and families to successfully enter kindergarten.

Guiding our youngest learners to the Profile of a Graduate.

Supporting our intermediate learners to meet their academic goals.

Building essential Knowledge and skills.

Preparing our high school students for college, careers, and beyond.

An additional option for learners seeking a virtual educational.

We actively listen to stakeholders so that we are well-informed and able to develop strategies that ensure success for ALL students. We appreciate your support and participation in our mission to serve the Scappoose School District.