3. Research

1) Find Your Second Source:

You already have your first source from the topic exploration page (Newsela or The New York Times Learning Network).

For your second source, you may use a nonfiction book from the library or an article from the library database Student Resources in Context.

  • Click HERE to go to Student Sources in Context.
  • Sign in with your school Google account.
  • Scroll down and choose Social Issues. Look for your topic. If you do not see your topic, you can search by keyword at the top.
  • Choose one article. HINT: The green triangle means it is an easier read.
  • When you find the article you want, click Download and choose Save to Google Drive.

2) Take Notes from Your Sources:

  • For your own copy of the note taking page, open Google Classroom. Click on the Argument Research Notes.
  • Turn in your work to Google Classroom.
Research_Unit 6: Take a Stand (Argument)_Eng 7

teacher example of research

Click HERE to open the example research in a new tab.

TEACHER EXAMPLE Research_Unit 6: Take a Stand (Argument)_Eng 7