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Special Election Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022

Unofficial results indicate that voters approved the bond referendum for Shrewsbury Borough School! Officials from Monmouth County reported that the tally shows 817 in favor and 445 opposed.

Additional mail-in ballots received after Thursday and provisional ballots are still being counted as the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office completes and verifies the results. Any updates will be reported here.

The Board of Education thanks all voters who made their voices heard and looks forward to taking the next important steps for Shrewsbury’s future.

The Shrewsbury Borough community will vote to fund critical facility upgrades and new construction to ensure SBS can meet the current and future needs of our students and our town.

We’re a small, tight-knit community that takes great pride in our top-performing public school. It’s why many of us choose to live and raise our families here.

Now we need upgraded school facilities and additional space to continue the path of excellence, keep class sizes small, enhance security, and leave behind a legacy that meets the needs of current and future students. A bond referendum provides a smart, proactive vision to do all this.

Residents will head to the polls Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022 from 6 am - 8 pm to consider one ballot question. The all-encompassing question captures the community’s desires for the school and the district’s need for space.

Questions? Email referendum@sbs-nj.org

What is a Bond Referendum?

A bond referendum is simply a community vote to authorize the school district to borrow funds through the sale of bonds. This funding method is similar to the way a homeowner uses a home equity loan to pay for a new roof. A school district sells bonds to generate upfront funding for projects that would significantly strain the day-to-day operating budget.

School districts use this financial tool for another important reason: state aid. This exclusive state aid is only available to school districts with voter-approved bonds and comes from taxes collected across New Jersey. Voter approval of the bond referendum means Shrewsbury Borough residents bring back to our community some of the money we have already paid to the state through taxes.

What projects are planned?

The proposal calls for major improvements in our schools. If approved, we would replace and repair infrastructure, address space needs, and provide dedicated space for students to eat, learn, and grow.

Safety and Security

  • Upgraded windows with ballistic film glass, new doors with instant locking mechanisms, updated Main Office entrances, and new ceilings would improve safety and security throughout our entire building.

HVAC and Air Quality

  • Upgrades to heating, air conditioning, controls, boilers, and electrical systems would bring fresh air into our school building and control temperatures on the hottest and coldest days of the year. Currently the majority of SBS classrooms do not have air conditioning. Having air conditioning in all rooms would provide comfort on warm days and help students and staff with asthma and/or seasonal allergies.

Dedicated Lunchroom

  • Our current "gymatorium" room is crowded and serves too many purposes. A dedicated lunchroom would be added to the building, reducing crowding and freeing up space in the existing room for other activities.

Three classrooms for Pre-K

  • The addition of three classrooms would expand the district’s pre-Kindergarten program and eliminate the waitlist of young students currently unable to enroll due to spacing constraints. This will help us stand out among communities in our area and generate revenue from tuition. Having more classrooms will also help us maintain small class sizes in our other grade levels.

Multipurpose Room

  • A multipurpose room with a partition would meet the flexible and fluid needs of the district with potential uses ranging from STEAM lessons to aftercare.

Potential location for addition

How much will projects cost?

The proposed projects are estimated to cost $22.5 million. If approved by voters, the state will give the district $4.7 million, which is 21% of the project costs. This is money that Shrewsbury residents paid through state taxes that can only be brought back to Shrewsbury to invest in the school through a voter-approved bond referendum.

The owner of an average assessed home in Shrewsbury ($580,785) can expect to pay $44 a month if the bond referendum passes. This is the "net tax impact" for Shrewsbury residents after the district finishes paying off debt from the last bond referendum in 2023.

This strategy timing the expiration of old debt and acquisition of new debt allows the district to keep the tax rate steady over time, while continually investing in needed repairs and renovation.