VOTE Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Voters approve Saddle Brook School District’s bond referendum

Unofficial results indicate that voters have approved the Saddle Brook School District proposal to fix its current school buildings and update safety features. As of Tuesday night, the count is 792 in favor and 656 opposed. Votes will continue to be counted over the next few days as remaining mail-in ballots arrive and provisional ballots are verified.

We will share updates on this website and the district’s social media and communication channels as they become available. 

The Board of Education and district administration thank our community members for taking the time to learn about the referendum and using their voice to vote.

Here in Saddle Brook, we value our schools and are proud of our town. We are asking the community to consider an investment in our schools to make critical infrastructure repairs and security upgrades – while capturing state aid to pay 29% of the project costs. Saddle Brook either uses or loses this type of state money!

After voters rejected the December 2022 bond referendum, the Board of Education and administration heard the community’s financial and other concerns. They worked together to develop a new plan that prioritizes fixing our current school buildings without asking residents to increase the tax rate. 

We encourage all voters to learn about the new plan, ask questions, and cast their ballots on March 14, 2023. Polls will be open 1 - 8 pm.


$14.4 Million in Improvements, State Pays $4.2 Million   

Community feedback after the December vote helped us pare back the project list and focus on projects that would receive the maximum amount of state aid. 

Voter approval of the March referendum means we could capture $4.2 million in state aid – or 29% of the project costs. 

Regardless of the March vote outcome, our district will need to make these critical infrastructure repairs. The community's decision determines whether we receive this specific type of state aid to offset the local tax impact or we miss out on this funding. Saddle Brook either uses or loses it!

By timing this state aid with expiring debt from our last major school renovations, the owner of a home assessed at Saddle Brook's average would actually pay less for school debt than what they are currently paying.

fixing our current infrastructure

The March ballot touches nearly every facet of Saddle Brook School District and connects to our district’s Strategic Plan. The projects include: 

March 14 VOTE - Polls open 1 - 8 pm

Your vote in December helped guide these next steps, and once again, your vote in March will matter to the future of our students. 

Stay tuned for more details! This website will be updated frequently.