6th Grade Projects

Our 6th grade students pick their own topic to research and test. You'll find that many of their projects are the ooey gooey and messy projects. The scientific process becomes foundational in 6th grade and students are encouraged to find ways to make science exciting for younger students. You'll find their projects in the purple section on the map below.

6th Grade Projects

Lafferty Homeroom

Bryon, B - Trebuchet

Chanfrau, W - Vanishing Styrofoam

Foster, A. - Sugar Substitutes in Baking

Garrison, E - Catapults

Gazzoli, M - Spinning match with Static electricity.

Guenette, T - How do spin pitches work

Hill , C - cookies

Kaidor, K - What do Plants Like to Drink

Khanna, M - Cookies- the difference in taste preferences


Malik, N - Liquid sand fluidized bed

Martin, A - Cookies-The difference in taste preferences

Powell, Z - The Effects of Jumping

Revelo, A - Tiny dancers

Rogers, B - Trebuchet

Rossen, A - Immortal Jellyfish

Sibio, A - Supernova: Red Giant

Tobierre, G - Pollution

Tran, D - Trebuchet

Veneziano, N - Trebuchet

Miles Homeroom

Dawber, A - Liquid sand Fluidized bed

Edwards, J - Seven Layer Tower

Gannon, R - Which Crystal grows faster and has more mass?

Higbee, M - Bridge Science with K'nex

Holder, H - The science of being a veterinarian

Khanna, M - Cookies-Differences in taste preferences

Lawrence, D - Bat Distance

Lawrence, N - Can this fit

Longabach , A - Trebuchets

Martin, K - Effects of jumping

Medford, G - Peanut butter anyone

Minger, S - Why Does Ivory Soap Float?

Nunziato, K - Volcano

Omran, I - Bat Distance

Sawtelle, S - Winkler´s Fluidized bed

Starling, B - bat distance

Taylor, K - Rainbow Fire


Velazquez, D - Science behind toaster

Veneziano, N - Trebuchet