Elementary Projects

Our elementary students do projects based on material they cover in their weekly science classes. From animal habitats to human illnesses, our elementary students get demonstrate some of the most interesting topics in science. Who knows, maybe one will cure cancer one day!

See a description of each grades projects below.


Kindergarten students begin their science expo experience by studying weather. They track weather conditions throughout the year and learn about temperature, seasons, clouds and the water cycle. Especially in a changing climate, their weather knowledge will help to catapult them forward in their scientific journey at St. Barnabas.

1st Grade

First grade students display a collage of the different projects they have done throughout the year. From how sugary drinks affect your teeth to mini explosions, students gain a greater understanding of the scientific process and develop a love of science!

2nd Grade

We all know that animals can disguise themselves to avoid predators or to be a more effective hunter. Second grade learns how camouflage works, what different forms of camouflage are and what animals camouflage themselves.

3rd Grade

Third grade students design proposals for what they believe the Central Florida Zoo should get next. They research the animal, why they're endangered and build a mockup of what they think the habitat should be. The culmination of this experience is getting to present their projects and recommendation to a zoo representative.

4th Grade

Fourth grade students get a chance to study landforms and human senses. Many students build models or tongues or eyeballs to demonstrate their knowledge of various senses. Other students research volcanoes and geodes. Come and see students demonstrate their knowedge.

5th Grade

Fifth grade students study living systems in the human body. They have been working on researching a disease of the human body since January and learn to combine their research into a research paper. Their goal is to educate the school community about diseases that affect the human body.