Action research to curtail the underutilization of technology among secondary level teachers.

  • This is a realistic issue that affects many modern school sites.
  • Considerations:
    • It is of personal interest/meaningful in that it focuses on technology integration (which not only relates to our class, but to many of our jobs)
    • It is important for the formulation/development of school site plans
    • The time required is sufficient for data collection and measurable progress

Guiding Research Questions

  • What factors contribute to teachers not utilizing technology?
  • Will using moderation strategies within small professional learning communities (PLCs) increase the usage of technology among teachers for educational purposes?

Research Design - Mixed MethodS


Javier will act as a facilitator in gathering key information concerning the underutilization of technology at a school site. He will meet with 3 school-site teams to reflect, describe, explain their tech needs/limitations in order to formulate a plan of action (Qualitative).

  • Interviews/Observations/Instructional Rounds
  • Google Form surveys will address factors contributing to perceptions teachers have concerning technology use (Quantitative).

Reviewing Related Literature

Our team will search academic publications for research that supports why teachers don’t utilize technology and what strategies are effective in counteracting the problem in order to refine a plan of action that employs teachers actually utilizing technology in their practices.

Below you will find our team's research that supports why educators often fail to utilize technology as well as research that supports how technology use can be beneficial for educational purposes.

  • We will synthesize information to highlight common themes among articles.

Keywords for Searching Academic Publications

  • Educational Technology
  • Instructional Technology
  • Technology Integration
  • Technology Underutilization
  • Technology Concerns for Teachers
  • School Technology Problems
  • Technology Literacy in Schools

Original Article Review process (Planning stage)

Planning - Reviewing Related Literature

Annotated Bibliography

Topic & Annotated Bibliography

Developing a research plan

Action Plan