Welcome to the 7th annual Boca de Oro Festival! This year's theme, "Magic in the Ordinary," invites us to discover the magic in the actions, images, moments, and people in our everyday lives. Every breath we take and every moment we have is an opportunity to celebrate and share magic with our community.

At the 2023 Boca de Oro Festival, we invite you to join us in exploring how we can transform our spaces and places by seeing them through the lens of what is possible. By finding the magic in what is and can be, we can create what we need for ourselves and others.

"The Magic in the Ordinary" is a celebration of the wonder and beauty that can be found in the seemingly mundane moments of our everyday lives. Through the creativity of artists, musicians, filmmakers, poets, and writers, we are reminded to slow down and appreciate the beauty all around us. The Festival's collection of story, poetry, and creativity invites us to join the celebration of life's enchantments and discover the magic within the ordinary.



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Boca de Oro, "Mouth of Gold," shares stories through arts and culture to bring community together.

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Downtown Santa Ana: Built in 1877 and incorporated in 1886, Downtown Santa Ana is known as the historic city center of Orange County. Hosting many community events, Downtown Santa Ana brings arts & culture to life in the streets and to the community.

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Art imitates life. Many artists use the day to day, common and innocuous moments in their lives and create vast art forms from what is seemingly common to the divine. As a result, this year’s Boca looks at our community as artists, and asks us to become alchemists: to transform and bend nature to the will of an industrious human imagination. For scientists, philosophers, and artists alike, alchemy seemed to hold the key to unlocking the secrets of creation. 

"Magic has a way of bringing what ought to be together."