Asthma Considerations

Some things to consider if you have Asthma

  • Follow your Asthma Action Plan and Take your Asthma Medication as prescribed by your doctor

  • Check that your Inhaler still has medication and that it is not expired. Call your doctor or pharmacy to resupply if needed.

  • Avoid known triggers as much as possible

  • Take everyday precautions: wash your hands frequently, follow physical distancing guidelines, avoid contact with anyone who is ill, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Avoid cleaning products that trigger your Asthma.

  • If you use a nebulizer consult with your doctor about use. Consider using a spacer with your MDI . If a nebulizer is used consider a dedicated area in your house that minimizes exposure to household members.

  • Contact your Doctor if you have any concerns about your Asthma symptoms.