The Technology Department is aware that as we venture into the world of Remote Learning several people are going to need support. For those who don't often have to use technology this is a new experience and there is a bit of a learning curve.

This Website is designed to provide staff and students with links to instructional documents and videos with step-by-step tutorial. The pages of this website contain information on how to access the network, step-by-step directions on how to turn in an assignment on Google Classroom, etc. Please notice that this website is divided into separate pages for Teachers, Students, and Parents since the steps and procedures often vary depending on the user.  The district will do our best to provide the information you may need and will add videos, tutorials and resources as additional request come in.

The Technology Department

If you can't find the answer to your issue on this website, we request that you fill out a Technology Support Request by pressing the button below.  This will allow us to prioritize requests and serve the most critical needs first.

If you need  to email the member of the District's Technology Department please begin with the School's first line of support, the Computer Technology  Teacher or Integrator.  For example, if you're a BES student and need assistant please email Ms. Lamarre as she is the Computer Technology Teacher at BES.

Jeff DeLangie

Director of Technology

Ashley Berry

Technology Support Technician

Liz Lamarre

Computer Technology Teacher

Barrington Elementary School

Christina DeBello

Technology Integrator

Barrington Middle School