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Technology Newsletters 2021-2022

Trimester 1 December 2021
Trimester 2 April 2022

Tips for Safe Searching

  1. Turn on Google Safe Search - Go to and click on the Settings menu in the bottom right corner (note: this will only help if you are using the Google Search Engine)

  2. Have your students use

  3. Have students login to their school library account. This will help narrow down searches that are educationally appropriate for children. The library link for logging in is on the home page for both JGS and RMS or click here.

    1. RMS - WebPath Express - an Internet filtering program built directly into our library catalog at Have students sign in to their accounts to access WebPath Express. Please see me for directions on how to do this if you don’t know your account information.

    2. JGS - Click on the Open Education Resources link at the top of the catalog page to find internet sources that are filtered to be educationally appropriate. This is currently set up for 4th and 5th graders.