Welcome - From Mr. Gruce

This is the NEW Hollis Brookline Middle School "Computer" class website. Contained in this site is the information that you, the student, will need and use for your two years here at the middle school.

  • Some FYI's (for your information)
    • Daily classroom materials required of you, the student
      • Pen, pencil, and eraser (We do not write a lot, but you will need to write somethings down)
      • Your HBMS agenda (handed out on the first day of school)
      • A Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) book, (When you need help, and I am working with another student, you will read this.)
      • This will be a responsibility grade for the quarter
  • Use the tabs on the left to navigate to your Grade Level pages
    • Each page will contain the information you need for your time here in the classroom.
  • The Grading scale is valid for both grades
  • Contact Mr. Gruce at joseph.gruce@sau41.org