Milford Title I Program

Parent Advisory Council 2020

Tuesday, December 8 2020


Virtual Event Hosted by Jacques Memorial and Heron Pond

Have questions? Contact:

Michelle Locke: Heron Pond Curriculum & Title I Coordinator

673-1811 or


Leslie Brigagliano: Jacques Curriculum & Title I Coordinator

673-4434 or

What is Title I?

Title I, Part A - provides opportunities for children to acquire the knowledge and skills to meet the State proficiency standards. This purpose is accomplished in two ways: (1) by providing children supplemental support through enriched and accelerated education programs; and (2) by providing instructional personnel in participating schools with substantial opportunities for professional development.

New Hampshire Department of Education- Title I

What is Title I in the Milford School District?

The Title I program provides supplemental reading and mathematics instruction at Jacques Memorial School and Heron Pond Elementary School.

Students are invited to participate in the Title I program based upon benchmark and progress monitoring data, classroom performance, and teacher recommendation. Parental permission is required for student participation in the Title I program.

Contact Milford's Title I Program:

Michelle Locke, Heron Pond Curriculum & Title I Coordinator

Leslie Brigagliano, Jacques Curriculum & Title I Coordinator