WMRSD Technology Plan

Welcome to the White Mountains Regional School District Technology Plan site for 2017-2020

Our Technology Vision:

Technology has dramatically changed the way students, staff, and administrators do their work in educational settings. Based on the recommendations of WMRSD Strategic Plan and the International Society for Technology in Education , our technology plan aims to achieve the following.

  • Preparing students for their future in a competitive global job market
  • Using technology to enhance teaching and learning across all contexts within the educational environment
  • Using technology to enhance and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our work environment

Ultimately technology is needed to make successful transitions from pre-school through grade 12 to post-secondary education, the workplace, civic and daily life and to support lifelong learning. Through the application of technical knowledge, skills, and conceptual understandings, learners will be better prepared to adapt to changing environments, educational challenges, and career opportunities. The philosophy of the WMRSD technology vision is to ensure that all students, staff, and administrators become technologically literate through the understanding and use of technology.