District Demographics

District Demographics

The White Mountains Regional School District is located in the beautiful White Mountains in northern New Hampshire. Our district includes four schools and one administrative office serving the communities of Carroll, Dalton, Jefferson, Lancaster, and Whitefield.

Area Demographics:

The White Mountains Regional School District is comprised of five communities:

According to the US Census Bureau, the 2010 census shows population figures for the five towns as displayed below:

Carroll 763 residents

Dalton 979 residents

Jefferson 1,107 residents

Lancaster 3,507 residents

Whitefield 2,306 residents

The 2010 census also posts the population of Coos County at 31,212.

The White Mountains Regional School District is located in northern New Hampshire in the southern portion of Coos County. The Connecticut River borders the district on the west, the Northumberland School District is the northern border, Randolph School District on the east, and Littleton School District on the south

School Enrollment – As of 02/1/2018

Jefferson Elementary – 46

Lancaster School – 405

Whitefield School – 299

White Mountains Regional HS – 362

Current Computer/Network Topology

Our Internet connection is a 500Mbps fiber connection which terminates at the White Mountains Regional High School. We utilize a Smoothwall firewall to provide port security and filter web traffic. The other schools Lancaster, Whitefield, and Jefferson connect to the White Mountains Regional High School with 1Gbps fiber connections. All of our schools have 100% wireless coverage with a combination of 802.11 g/n/ac.