Nuts, Bolts and Rivets

Mr. Rivet's Fifth Grade Class

Students have been reading Lemonade Wars and practicing their fluency reading. Additionally, students are studying their Greek and Latin roots (please see Word Work for the current list). In math, we are working on place value and ramping up our number sense in general.

HOMEWORK: Please refer to your child's agenda book for up-to-date assignments. Each night, Reading their novel, studying their word work, and practicing their fluency is expected. They may also have other assignments.

Upcoming word work quizzes: First, (#1-21) Monday, Second quiz (#1-21) Friday, Next week (#1-30) TBD

When students are working on a Language Arts Workbook, they are expected to complete three sections of word work (Ten examples of each with sentences and page numbers).

First, they will need to create a list of ten different Greek and Latin Roots explaining what each word means according to the roots. They will need to copy their word in its original sentence and cite their page number.

Second, Vocabulary Words which are higher level words that their group believes each fifth grade student should learn (explain, sentence, page number).

Third, Domain Words which are vocabulary words relating to the topics in their book, For example, a book about sailing would contain nautical terms (again with their meaning, sentences, and cited page number).