Nuts, Bolts and Rivets

Mr. Rivet's Fifth Grade Class

5/ 19/ 2019,

Thank You to all who have served!


Go Pats! We are Super Bowl Champs!


CONTEXT: By 2025 everyone in the world will have broadband. By 2050 the global market system will have to work for everyone on the planet because everyone will have the same high aspirations and there will be competition for jobs that will allow you to reach your dreams.

Quote: "The jobs of the future will require that people are ready to learn throughout their lives."

Dr. Jim Yong Kim, World Bank President

CONTEXT: Learning means that we are trying to figure something out so we are delving into the uncomfortable, uncharted, uncertain waters of not knowing. On how we can learn new things best without being intimidated.

QUOTE: "We have to become comfortable being uncomfortable"

Ginny Rometty, CEO of IBM

Context: On making the world a better place (Civil Rights, Poverty, Apathy).

Quote: "Education is the efficient answer to changing the world"

Chris Long, The NFL'S Walter Payton Man of the Year

CONTEXT: We just can't look towards the future and say I hope this doesn't happen with a nervous laugh. On why we need to plan and be prepared. For students, this applies to long term projects and time management.

QUOTE: "The future always comes"

Jeff Immelt, former CEO of General Electric

"Reading unlocks our curriculum. Greek and Latin roots unlock reading."

Art Rivet, Fifth Grade teacher at Hooksett Memorial School, (: that's me!:)

In Social Studies we completed our unit on the Civil Rights Movement. We discussed examples of Ignorance, Prejudice, Stereotyping, and Segregation. Examples of I+P+S+S were rooted in who held the educational and financial power, thus controlled the political power (laws) at the end of the Civil War. Three of my personal heroes, Thurgood Marshall, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and Jonathan Daniels, will be highlighted in the neverending pursuit of equality for all. We now incorporate I+P+S+S into our reading workbooks.

Currently in Social Studies, our unit on the American Revolution is in full force. We will move from root causes through a series of cause and effects that will result in actions at Concord and Lexington. We have also completed our field trip to Concord and Lexington. A wonderful trip and the students were respectful and engaged.

Greek and Latin work: Students have studied 189 roots. A complete list can be found on our word work tab. Our next quiz (5/23) will have 50 questions.


Student workbooks. Print day for their third workbook was Thursday, November 15th. All skills were turned in including a binder with cover, table of contents, and their reading logs. For this book we added adjectives, adverbs, and prepositional phrases. Additionally, students completed workbook 4 (print day was on December 13th). For book four we added linking verbs and the PBIS word was Kindness. Students received their reading books (#5) and also received new logs. Students finished reading book five before break but our writings took us into January. Print day for book five was January 7th. Students chose book six (Tuesday 12/20) and began their reading over the holiday break (class vote). The PBIS word for book six was "Empathy," and the target print day was was pushed back due to scheduling conflicts and weather related issues. For book six we added a persuasive writing piece. Since then we finished reading a whole class selection, "Esperanza Rising," (book seven). We looked at figurative language, reinforced literary and grammar skills, discussed character development, and civil rights issues. Students are in the process of completing a comprehensive series of questions about their Esperanza studies. Additionally, an individual time management product on Esperanza Rising was handed out, signed by a parent, and students retained a copy ( with due dates) for themselves. In addition to their timeline project responsibilities, students completed their eight workbook. Their print date for book 8 was Monday, March 11th. Students completed their Esperanza ABC project (all 26 pages, cover, and binder on March 22nd). Students have also recently held print day for workbook #9 (Print Day, 4/8). The children have also finished reading, and completed workbook 10. Print day for workbook 10 was on the Monday when we returned from break (4/26). Additionally, we started a unit on the Holocaust. Students completed a short, whole class book (Titled 20 & 10) by 4/15 . After discussion, they chose workbook 11 on Tuesday, 4/16, and completed reading their book over their break. Print day for workbook 11 was May 14th. Now, students have already finished another Holocaust selection and are working on workbook 12. At the same time they are reading one last story in an effort to finish workbook 13 before school lets out. They are working extremely hard!

Last school year students completed 12 reading workbooks which is the most workbooks I have ever had a class complete. Most importantly, they maintained a high standard of quality on each project. Students worked on comprehension, word work, and grammar skills in a cooperative setting. We used a "Reading Group Word Work Log." The students found that identifying certain skills, at home while reading, resulted in a more efficient use of our time in the computer lab. Additionally, each night, Students were assigned fluency reading practice and studied their Greek and Latin roots. This current class is maintaining the same pace. I look forward to another exciting year.


As always, PLEASE email me with any thoughts. questions, or concerns.

HOMEWORK: Please refer to your child's agenda book for up-to-date assignments. Each night, Reading their novel, studying their word work, and practicing their fluency is expected. They may also have other assignments. Additionally, Your child is signed to a Prodigy math class and, if able, can always enhance their math skills online.

In math, we are working on 3-D shapes.

  • Students are warming up for our lessons using number bonds making base ten groupings (: ask them about it:).