Nuts, Bolts and Rivets

Mr. Rivet's Fifth Grade Class

10/ 16/ 2018,

CONTEXT: Learning means that we are trying to figure something out so we are delving into the uncomfortable, uncharted, uncertain waters of not knowing. On how we can learn new things best without being intimidated.

QUOTE: "We have to become comfortable being uncomfortable"

Ginny Rometty, CEO of IBM

CONTEXT: We just can't look towards the future and say I hope this doesn't happen with a nervous laugh. On why we need to plan and be prepared. For students this applies to long term projects and time management.

QUOTE: "The future always comes"

Jeff Immelt, former CEO of General Electric


Greek and Latin Quiz Tuesday 10/16 and Thursday 10/18 Students currently have studied 92/188. Complete list can be found on our word work tab.

Students are currently working on completing their first workbook. Print Day (my favorite day) is Monday October 22nd. All skills are to be completed and turned in in a binder with cover, Table of Contents, and their reading logs.

Last school year students completed 12 reading workbooks which is the most workbooks I have ever had a class complete. Importantly, they maintained a high standard of quality on each project. Students worked on comprehension, word work, and grammar skills in a cooperative setting. We used a "Reading Group Word Work Log." The students found that identifying certain skills, at home while reading, resulted in a more efficient use of our time in the computer lab. Additionally, each night, Students were assigned fluency reading practice and studied their Greek and Latin roots. I look forward to another exciting year.

Note: Reading Logs were to be filled in for Word Work and Grammar Skills. Also, newly added skills in our books were adjectives, adverbs, and the PBIS word of the month. In regards to our PBIS words, students identified and explained, through examples, why they believe a particular character exemplified the word of the month trait.


As always, PLEASE email me with any thoughts. questions, or concerns.

HOMEWORK: Please refer to your child's agenda book for up-to-date assignments. Each night, Reading their novel, studying their word work, and practicing their fluency is expected. They may also have other assignments.

Supply list for 2018-2019

  • 2 one-inch binders (one for writing, one for Science/Social Studies)
  • Pencils
  • Colored pencils
  • Soft pencil case
  • Not necessary, but always appreciated: thin Expo markers, tissues, cleaning wipes, headphones