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Our Class Motto: Be like a Pineapple, Have Thick Skin, Be Sweet on the Inside and Stand Tall!

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Dear Parents,

First of all, a huge THANK YOU for all the generous donations of supplies to the classroom-- I am overwhelmed with your kindness!

The week of September 4-7 was really great in 5GM! We began our Math in Focus program and completed lesson 1.1, where we used place value to count numbers up to 10,000,000. We read and wrote numbers in standard, word form, and expanded form.

In Reading, we all chose books to read in class for 20 min and at home for 20 min and are adjusting to making sure we have our books with us at all times. I encouraged students to choose books in their LEXILE LEVELS (which they will get after completing their NWEA testing). I am currently reading "Because of Mr. Terupt" by Rob Buyea as a read aloud. It's a touching story that lends itself to many valuable classroom discussions on how we learn differently and how to treat and take care of each other.

We began writing Current Events, and even learned how to use Google classroom to write The Githmark Gazette. Our first posting will come out on Monday, as we ran out of time this afternoon. About half the class finished up NWEA Reading testing, so we will finish up on Monday morning as well. In Science, we worked on taking a closer look while making detailed observations of our hands. In Social Studies, we talked about plate tectonics and how all the continents used to be one giant land mass called Pangea.

Monday is gym class, so don't forget to wear your sneakers!

Homework for next week will be one math paper, which will be handed out on Monday and due on Friday. Reading will be to read for 20 minutes a night, even on weekends. You can expect this each week.

Enjoy the weekend! :)Mrs. G

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Attention incoming 5th graders!! Here is our updated supply list! :)Mrs. Githmark

Many students from our class received special recognition at our end of the year awards assembly.... congrats to all (and sorry for not getting everyone)

Field Day Memories...... we had so much fun together! Thanks to all our amazing parent volunteers and Mrs. Olkonen who made this day possible!

Attention Students: The field trip for tomorrow (6/18) has been cancelled due to extreme heat conditions. Don't worry, I have reserved air conditioned spaces around the school tomorrow and have some great activities lined up! We can still have a picnic lunch in the classroom together if you wish! It's activity day tomorrow anyway, so we will be able to participate in that after all!

Our butterflies have hatched! 6 of our painted lady butterflies emerged from chrysalis today! How exciting! We will feed them watermelon over the next couple of days before we release them into the wild!


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On May 30th, our class visited the Hooksett Riverwalk Trail for the second time. Each student is developing a question relating to the wildlife or plant life found on the trail and will create QR code trail markers that guests visiting the trail can interact with while using the trail. We did some observations, took photographs and participated in a scavenger hunt. It was a beautiful day to be outside in nature! Thanks so much to our chaperones Mrs. Popkin, Mr. Laliberte, and Mrs. Conomacos for joining in on the fun!

We were treated to a guest speaker from the Forest Preservation Society on May 17th, who taught us about how to identify trees, and how to tell how old they are. Very informative!

We were visited by Cody Outdoor Classroom on May 14th. They taught us a fantastic STEM lesson on how to build roller coasters using the forces of motion to design them. Thanks Cody, we had an excellent experience!

On Friday, May 4, our class took a field trip with Mrs. Brotherson's class to the Riverwalk Walking Trail just behind the courthouse in Hooksett. We were treated to guest speakers Mrs. Dwyer a bird expert from the Audubon Society, Mr. Dresser (Alex's dad) a fisheries expert, and Mr. Waterman a local tree expert. Students were asked to make observations about what they saw and heard in nature, and to develop 3 questions they want to learn more about. In the upcoming weeks, we will take two more trips to photograph and gather more research and data about their questions in order to create QR codes and questions to leave along the trail for local visitors to enjoy. Here are some pictures from our adventure....Thanks to our local experts for volunteering their time to teach us SO MUCH!!

May 7, 2018

Today we were invited to attend a special lesson taught my our Media Specialist, Mrs. Beaudoin. The topic was the design of Roller Coasters using motion and design. We began with a discussion about the key vocabulary concepts. The we looked at how roller coasters are designed and the different ways they are propelled using force to create more acceleration. Here is the site we used . Check it out at home to learn more about it! Then we used ipods inserted in viewers to experience coasters in virtual reality using the Dive City app. Here are some pictures of the students in action . . .

There will be ho math homework this week (4/30/-5/4/18). We have math testing tomorrow, 5/2 and I would like students to focus their attention on getting some rest and doing their best on the test. Thanks! :)Mrs. Githmark


Some pics from our field trip to the planetarium in Concord!


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Githmark Gazette Entries from 1/16/18

Congrats to our spelling bee representatives (and bff's), Chloe and Kyra!

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Native American Museum Project Presentations were AMAZING!! Thanks everyone for all their research and hard work!

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