Exhibition of Learning

A message from the Art Department,

The evening of December 14th was a night to remember! Auburn Village School held it’s inaugural Exhibition of Learning; a night in the arts. Students from the middle school brought forward some of the best displays of learning, spanning from their exploration of quantum physics, through to the discovery and retrieval of underwater Atlantic treasure. To conclude the evening, parents and visitors were treated to the musical talents of the band and the chorus. This collaboration of the Unified Arts is one that enforces the principles of twenty first century learning: creativity, curiosity, communication, collaboration and above all, the ability to apply critical thinking and analysis to their projects. The one thing that all the students exuded across the span of grade levels was a true sense of pride in their work. The evening provided the students with an authentic experience to show what they had learned. It was particularly enlightening to see some of the students who doubted their abilities, to shine through as true rockstars of the evening.

A lot of the feed back from the students was about how hard they worked and how exciting it was to be able to discuss their work with those who came to see the exhibition. One of the comments from an 8th grade trio who discussed the Theory of Relativity, through their Salvador Dali inspired sculpture, was that they had decided to simplify the information that they had learned so that their audience could better understand what it was they were presenting. In preparation for the Exhibition of Learning, students were required to be part of several socratic discussions that required them to talk fluently about their quantum physics vocabulary word, as well as their artist models. They had to defend their work and ideas as their peers questioned them with increasing confidence. This higher level skill in learning was developed by all students over the course of the semester and thus, their ability to present and discuss quantum physics in the 7th and 8th grade provided a unique experience for all who came to see. Some of the parents were curious about the integrations of the arts into science. It’s proven throughout history, that hands on learning experiences allow students to personalize their education and better process their understanding of the concepts that they are learning about. Regardless of the subject, the arts lend themselves seamlessly to a whole body learning experience and with the additional focus on meaning making.

We are so proud of everyone who presented at the Exhibition of Learning and are looking forward to the upcoming Spring exhibition!

Creatively yours,

Stephanie Fritz

Looking down through the 5th grade Chihuly inspired installation.
5th grade flower installation inspired by Dale Chihuly.
5th grade students flower installation
A Jim Dine inspired art piece showing the formulae for electro magnetics
7th grade students interactive approach to discussing the powers of a black hole
A Van Gogh inspired interpretation on the Theory of Relativity.
8th grade students installation and video demonstrating the powers of a vacuum.
7th grade students present the concept of light movement.
8th grade students interpretation of the laws of thermodynamics
Solo project by Asia McGuinness; the Theory of Relativity inspired by conceptual artist, Joseph Kosuth.
7th grade students portrayal of optical illusions
7th grade students photographic series inspired by laser optics
7th grade students cubist approach to black holes
7th grade students proudly displaying their abstract expressionist inspired ink and paper drawing of diffraction.
7th grade students discussing the concepts of string theory
6th graders and their sculpture
6th grade Shipwreck of the fictional S.S. Goss.
Light optics portrayed through conceptual art
8th grade students with their video installation, inspired by Andy Warhol, discussing light optics
8th grade students with their installation discussing black holes
6th grade sculpture of the terrainian and sub-terranian levels of the Atlantic Ocean.
Alternative view of the 6th grade sculpture
6th grade sculpture
Kennedy Michaud with her drip painting discussing gravity
Invitation to the very first Exhibition of Learning at Auburn Village School.

What is an Exhibition of Learning?

"In education, the term exhibition refers to projects, presentations, or products through which students “exhibit” what they have learned.” The nights events will encourage, serve and guide students in a form of self-assessment related to the school’s mission. It offers evidence of the kinds of learning not often reflected in standardized tests. The connections formed between community members and Twenty First Century students will will provoke conversations about teaching and learning within the wider community, in part by challenging unexamined notions of children’s capabilities. It will also deepen the exhibitors’ own learning through the hard, but rewarding work of communicating student and adult learning to others

Save the Date: 14 December 2017, 5-7:30pm

Parents, students, teachers, community members alike, mark your calendars for Auburn Village Schools inaugural Exhibition of Learning!! You won’t want to miss this spectacular event! Middle school students will be hosting an exhibition of their latest creative projects which include underwater oceanography, coding ozobots, quantum physics inspired art pieces and a collaborative installation inspired by the glass artist, Dale Chihuly.