Meet Your Art Teacher

Stephanie Fritz is a New Zealand born educator/ artist. She moved to New Hampshire seven years ago and lives in Southern NH with her husband Doug and their son Kees (pronounced Case). She gained her undergraduate from the University of Auckland in Visual Arts and her masters degree in Education, Curriculum and Instruction from Southern New Hampshire University. Stephanie believes that there is no better time to be teaching. With the development of STEAM, education is slowly embracing 21st century skills of creativity, collaboration, communication, curiosity and creativity. These are fundamental skills the students develop in the arts and can utilize beyond the classroom. Stephanie values integrating the arts with core subject matter, which statistics have proved raise the overall success rates of student growth in core subject areas through meaningful making. Fusing art history and core subject matter, rooted in the sciences, language arts and math, Stephanie is building a dynamic curriculum for all students at AVS.

Teacher, Stephanie Fritz standing in front of a selection of student work.
Teacher, Stephanie Fritz, standing with a group of students at the MET museum in New York City

Welcome to the Auburn Village School Art Classroom website. Here you will find information about grade level assignments, updates about the goings on in the art room, a general breakdown of the art curriculum at AVS, and examples of completed student artwork.