Veronica Gordon

Kenneth Noble

Gracie Zhang

Ghazi Jabre

Charlie Bares

Carmen Zegura

Ashlynn Kitatake-Meyers

Aliya Thaler


William Ward

Stronshay Washington

Laura Kenney




President: Arthur Sun

Treasurer: Kenneth Noble

Social Chairs: Rebecca Harless and Aliya Thaler

Community Service Chair: Ashlynn Kitatake-Meyers

Secretary: Rebecca Harless

Historians/Pledgucators: Moie Uesugi and Alyssa McPherson

Literary Events Chairs: Stronshay Washington and Carmen Zegura

Sketchbook Editors: Gracie Zhang and Stronshay Washington

Inclusivity Chairs*: Stronshay Washington, Moie Uesugi, Gracie Zhang, and Kenneth Noble

Tech Chair: Moie Uesugi and Katie Scholl

House Managers: Rebecca Harless and Charlie Bares

* The inclusivity chairs can be reached at They are more than open to talking about any concerns you may have or discomforts you experience in our space at any time.