Rush 2018

Come get to know us! St. A's holds rush from Jan 26th through Feb 24th. We always love seeing new faces and we hope to see you there! (psst: free pancakes every sunday!)

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Friday 1/26 8-10pm - Jackson Pollock Night

Celebrating the artist Jackson Pollock, this night is dedicated to releasing your inner artist and splattering our walls with paint! Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just want to relieve new-semester stress with the splat of paint-on-wall, drop by and say hi!

Sunday 1/28 12-2pm - IKHOP

Tired of those Ratty pancakes? Fill up you plate with homemade pancakes (vegan and non-vegan), eggs, and friendly games of Dixit. We have lots of couches and lots of coffee, so come join us for the free food and fun!

Tuesday 1/30 2-4pm - Playdoh & Paper: 3D Art

Join us for an afternoon making 3D art! Channel your inner child playing and sculpting with play-doh, or tackle creating intricately folded origami animals and flowers. Or just let your imagination run wild and make something else entirely!

Friday 2/2 4-6pm - Black Art Night

Providing a platform for not only black art appreciation but also for having thoughtful & open discussions about the personal and societal significance of these works. Black art from various backgrounds and mediums will be presented. All are welcome!

Sunday 2/4 12-2pm - IKHOP

Monday 2/5 4-6pm - Snow Day!

Is there snow on the ground? Is there ground on the ground? If you answered “yes” to one or both of these questions, then come on over! We’ve got hot chocolate, marshmallows, coloring books, treats, and hot chocolate! (Yes, so much hot chocolate that we’ve mentioned it twice!)

Wednesday 2/74-6pm - (((Game Pun)))

Board & theater games galore! Take a break from shopping period to jump in on some fun or watch as the nonsense unfolds! Only relaxation, hospitality and friendship building here. <3

Friday 2/9 8-10pm - Open Mic /// Coffee House

Have a spoken word piece you're dying to share? Missing an audience to captivate with your singing? Rushees are invited to show off their talents at our coffeehouse, or to stop by to listen and enjoy a warm drink!

Sunday 2/11 12-2pm - IKHOP

Wednesday 2/14 2-4pm - Valentine's Day Writing Workshop

Love! Passion! Romance! Celebrate Valentine's Day with us by indulging in your sappiest prose and poetry, and creating and sharing Valentine's Day-themed works. Plus, we'll be providing some sweet treats for the occasion-- be ours? <3

Saturday 2/17 10pm-??? - Sleepover (Miyazaki and the Mouse)

You’re never too old for a slumber party! Bring your pajamas and spend the night at King House with St. Anthony Hall! Enjoy a marathon of both Miyazaki and Disney films, release your inner child, enjoy your favorite childhood treats, and you’ll wake up in the morning to fresh made breakfast.

Sunday 2/18 12-2pm - IKHOP

Monday 2/19 12pm - 12am - Movie Marathon

Love the art of cinema? Or maybe a daylong movie marathon sounds like the perfect use of the long weekend? King House will be streaming films featuring and celebrating people of color like "Moonlight" and "The Handmaiden", and you’re invited to come chill with us! Pillows and blankets will be provided, as well as the opportunity to engage in a critical and cultural analysis of these movies with some of Kappa’s film critics.

Thursday 2/22 8-10pm - Mocktails and Museum

Mocktails is back another year, and this time featuring some of the best art our fraternity has to offer! King House will play host to a mini gallery showing, complete with non-alcoholic drinks, atmospheric music, and lively discussion. (Contact or for info on how to get your art displayed!)

Saturday 2/24 7-9pm - Dinner and a Murder

A murderer strikes in King House yet again! Which character did such a thing this time? Will they get away? Join us this year for some pastalicious dinner while we (attendees and Kappa members) work together to uncover the truth of this quirky family’s murder mystery.* There will be humor, drama, memes/vines (?) and more!