EPTS Climate Club

Our mission: To explore the weather and climate, and apply the use of technology — along with leadership and teamwork.

Next Meeting:

Thursday, July 12

11:30am in the Skyhall

Free Pizza!

Past events

The final Climate Club working lunch of the 2017 school year

PDS Academic Exhibition, Climate Club Room, 8-10 January 2018

EPTS Climate Club Working Lunches

Videoconference with Dr Lin Chambers of NASA and M1 and EPTS Climate Club students: Tuesday 20th June, 2017

Visiting NASA scientists Dr Dorian Janney & Peter Falcon

In January 2017 the EPTS Climate Club was lucky enough to have a visit by NASA scientists Dr Dorian Janney & Peter Falcon.

Our Climate Club students had a great opportunity in August to meet former NASA astronaut Dr. Sacco!

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