What is Kick-Off?

"Kick Off" is an annual event that takes place a couple of weeks before the start of each school year.

Students are assigned a day and time, based on their grade level, to come to campus to pick up books from the library, take their class photo for the yearbook, get their school ID and purchase school swag.

For students who are new to Scripps Ranch High School, "Kick-Off" provides an opportunity to get familiar with the school with a tour for new students from our ASB, and to meet new friends and staff members.

We are proud to continue the Summer Bridging Program (Falcon PRIDE Day) for incoming 9th graders. Its an opportunity for students to meet new peers and learn about the high school experience.

Click on the Home tab to the left to view the drop down menu for your child's grade level for their kick-off information.

Falcon PRIDE Day for Incoming Freshmen:

Tuesday, August 16th: Incoming 9th grade from 8:00AM to 1:15PM

Kick-Off Dates are as follows:

  • Wednesday, August 17th: Incoming 9th grade from 8:00AM to 12PM

  • Thursday, August 18th: 12th grade from 8:00AM to 12PM

  • Friday, August 19th: 11th grade from 8:00AM to 12PM

  • Monday, August 22nd: 10th grade from 8:00AM to 12PM

Welcome to SRHS!