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Feb. 2, 2021: The board of education adopted the Superintendent Recruitment and Selection Process.

Feb. 23, 2021: The board approved the initial representatives to the Advisory Committee.

March 9, 2021: The board approved additional representatives to the Advisory Committee.

March 18, 2021: The district opened the Request for Proposals (“RFP”) solicitation from interested organizations to conduct community engagement and Town Halls.

March 23, 2021: The Strategic Sourcing and Contracts Officer presented information to the board and public on the district’s RFP and contracting process.

April 29, 2021, 1:00 pm: Request for Proposals closed.

May 5 - 12, 2021: The Advisory Committee was invited to participate in interviews of the responsive bidders.

May 13, 2021: Cindy Marten appointed as US Deputy Superintendent of Education.

May 19, 2021: First meeting of the Advisory Committee.

June 2, 16, and 23, 2021: Meetings of the Advisory Committee.

July - September 2021: 34 Community Input Sessions were held to identify the qualities needed in the next permanent Superintendent to lead the district. An opportunity was also offered for stakeholders to provide feedback on three survey questions.

July 21, 2021: Meeting of the Advisory Committee.

August 11, and 26, 2021: Meetings of the Advisory Committee.

September 8, 2021: Meeting of the Advisory Committee.

September 30, 2021: Meeting of the Advisory Committee. NCEE provided its draft report to the Committee.

October 6, 2021: Advisory Committee Meeting to develop the Job Posting for recommendation to the Board based on information gathered during the Community Input Sessions.

October 12, 2021: The Board of Education approved the recommended Job Posting.

October 13, 2021: Job Posting opened for applications by qualified candidates.

October 20, 2021: Advisory Committee Meeting.

November 11, 2021: Job Posting closes.

November 17 -19, 2021: Advisory Committee Closed Sessions to review applicant packages.

December 1, 2021: Advisory Committee Closed Session to recommend up to 10 candidates to the Board of Education.

December 7, 8, 9, 10, 2021: Board of Education Closed Sessions to review recommended candidates and select 3 Finalists.

December 14, 2021: Board of Education meeting; announcement of 3 Finalists.

January 6, 7, 10, 11, 2022: Public vetting of 3 Finalists.

January 12-14, 2022: Board of Education Closed Sessions to select permanent Superintendent.

January 18, 2022: State of the District Address; announcement of permanent Superintendent.


Former Superintendent Cindy Marten was appointed on May 13, 2021 as Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education. Dr. Lamont Jackson has been appointed as Interim Superintendent through Dec. 31, 2021. The district is conducting a search process for a permanent Superintendent.

Selection Process

On Feb 2, 2021, the Board of Education adopted the Superintendent Recruitment and Selection Process that included a plan for stakeholder engagement, allowing for multiple town halls, community meetings and other opportunities for the public to actively participate in the selection process. The National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE) was contracted to do this work.

Stakeholder & Community Input

The district offered 34 community input opportunities to the public; between July through September 2021.

Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee, reflecting the diversity of our students and the San Diego Community, is guiding the process.