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Welcome to SDHS Counseling!


We offer a variety of resources to support students' academic and personal growth. 

Our School Counselors provide counseling, expertise, and support toward helping students achieve academic, social/emotional, and college & career success. They assist with course selection, personal and academic concerns, college applications, and much more. 

How Do I See My Counselor?


Note: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to meet with your counselor at the time you arrive, as we are not able to predict how long each meeting will be. If we missed you, please come back or email us!


By Appointment:

Note: We recommend Parent/Guardian(s) schedule an appointment to meet with their child(s) counselor.

Mr. BraunSchool CounselorClass of 2026 (10th)A - Z 560-4610 Ext. 3328

Ms. EstradaSchool CounselorClass of 2025 (11th)A - P 560 - 4610 Ext. 3327
Ms. SorensenSchool CounselorClass of 2024 (12th)M - Z 560 - 4610 Ext. 3325
Mr. RiosSchool CounselorClass of 2024 (12th)A - L 560 - 4610 Ext. 3326
Mrs. BuehlerSchool Counselor Class of 2027 (9th)A - Z 560-4610 Ext. 3324
Ms. CerdaHead Counselor IIClass of 2025 (11th)Q - Z 560-4610 Ext. 3323
Ms. HuezoRegistrar 560-4610 Ext. 3024
Ms. GabbySchool Counselor Intern 560-4610 Ext. 3324
Mr. KnightSuccess Counselor
Contact:  560-4610 Ext. 3329
Ms. MonzetWellness Counselor  560-4610 Ext. 3330
Ms. ClavellGarfield Outreach Counselor 560-4610 Ext. 3343
Mx. TBATBD 560-4610 Ext. XXXX