Bay Park Library

Ms. Natale is your friendly librarian :)

Welcome to the Bay Park Library! Our library is a fun place to be with lots of information to share. We really ❤️ our library. On our library website you can link to our school library catalog, access many databases to help you research a topic for school or for fun, and stay connected to events happening in the library.

Library Catalog

What book do you want to read today? Check out the school library catalog to find the book you want.

Click the button above to see a brief video on how to search for a book in our school catalog.

Click on the button above to see a brief video on how to find and read an ebook in our school's catalog.

Online Database and Resources

Need to research a topic, this is the place to go!

Reading is Fun!

What am I reading? What are you reading? Let's discover the books in our library together!

California Young Reader Medal

Our school LOVES participating in the California Young Reader Medal program. Here you'll find past results and information on current nominees.