LPMS Documents

IMPORTANT: Please check the fine print on documents to make sure enough copies have been made for all parties. It is also a good idea to make a copy of filled-out documents for your own records.

Most forms are also located by the Staff mailboxes.

Interventions and Discipline

Parent Communication Form (Word Doc)

  • Directions: Submit to site community liaison. The form will be placed in your mailbox when communication has been attempted, with comments on contact outcome(s).

Snail Mail Parent Communication Form (Google Doc)

  • Directions: Submit to registrar for mailing. This form is for when you are unable to establish contact multiple times with a parent/guardian through phone call, text, or email.

Request for Assistance - Student Information (Google Form)

(4 Boxes) Teacher Intervention Form (PDF)

  • 2 copies needed - 1) office, 2) teacher

Saturday school referral (PDF)

Homework clinic referral (PDF)

Finance Office and ASB Forms

LPMS Supply Order Form (PDF)

  • Directions: Submit order form to your department chair for approval, THEN submit to Finance Clerk

Purchase Order Request Form (PDF)

IMPORTANT: Purchase Order process may take up to 3 WEEKS for final approval

  • Directions:
    1. Print quote from the vendor
    2. Complete a purchase order request form (see finance clerk if you need assistance)
    3. Make an appointment to discuss and get approval of purchase order request with principal
    4. If approved, place ALL appropriate paperwork in the Finance Clerk's mailbox

Human Resources

Other Forms for Employees

Address Change Request Form (PDF)

  • 3 copies needed - 1) HR personnel file, 2) payroll department, 3) employee

Automatic Deposit Request (PDF)

Request for Approval of College Courses (PDF)

  • 2 copies needed - 1) human resources, 2) employee

Request for Extra Work Agreement (PDF)

Medical Appointment Verification Form (PDF)

Adjunct Duty Self Time Sheet (PDF)

Request for Absence (PDF)

  • 2 copies needed - 1) school site, 2) employee

Request for Approval of Classroom Speaker (PDF)

LPMS Facility Request Form (PDF)

  • 3 copies needed - 1) main office, 2) employee, 3) custodial department

LPMS Poster Request (PDF)

Teacher Report on Substitute (PDF)

  • 2 copies needed - 1) principal, 2) employee

Video Use Approval (PDF)