Tutorial on How to Build Your

Digital Portfolio


How to Links

URL, Publishing and Submitting

  1. Create URL
  2. Publish Site
  3. Submit URL to Ms. Johnston

Theme, Logo, Navigation, Header

  1. Create an image folder in Google drive
  2. Create avatar
  3. Insert your logo
  4. Set your navigation bar (*you won't be able to do this until you insert a page)
  5. Set theme
  6. Design header


  1. Upload your photo to drive folder
  2. Manipulate photo in Pixlr
  3. Post photo
  4. Post your biography

Project (sub-page)

  • Add a sub-page
  • Upload image of your art
  • Post credit line for your art
  • Post artist statement
  • Post self critique

Medium (page)

  • Add a page
  • Upload image of the medium (tools and material) being used
  • Include "Medium Fact Sheet" information