Coach Farmer

We have daily P.E. at Glenmore. Please have your children dress appropriately. Wear shorts under dresses and for the safety of your child, please make sure they wear appropriate shoes (tennis shoes, no flip-flops or sandals).

I have many activities planned for our school year.

  • Jets Run-a-thon
  • Marathon Miles
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Turkey Trot
  • Fun Run (Spring)
  • Little Olympics
  • Camp Watermelon

radKIDS® provides educational tools and resources that enhances the ability of children, parents, and families to utilize knowledge, skills, and power to protect themselves from violence and harm.

August 26 - September 6

(K - 5th) during Music & PE

Fun Run 2019

Physical education is key to longer, happier lives.

Physical education should be on equal footing with academic classes. It teaches kids persistence, resilience, positive thinking and how to stay healthy.

FIT TIP: Sing Your Heart Out

Stop talking and start singing! Studies show the benefits of singing your heart out are incredible! Whether you are enjoying a sing- along in the shower or with friends on a karaoke machine, each time you make a joyful noise, you are enhancing your health.

In addition to an aerobic exercise for the lungs, singing increases your well-being with each note you belt by releasing positive endorphins into your system that increase your energy level and improve your mood. Singing also reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, stimulates blood circulation and can be practiced anywhere. On your next road trip or while sitting in traffic, turn up the volume and sing along!