Todd Nelson

325-659-3657 ext. 261

Welcome to Glenmore Music!

My passion is to instill the love of music in students (parents too) and have a LOT of FUN in the process!

Our music program includes lots of singing, learning to read and compose music, as well as learning to play the ukulele, recorder, guitar and piano!

Annual Events

Veteran's Day Tribute Concert (selected grades TBA)

Christmas Concert (selected grades TBA): December

radKIDS: January 2020

Spring Concert & Talent Show: Spring 2020

Music education greatly enhances students’ understanding and achievement in non-musical subjects.

Stop talking and start singing! Studies show the benefits of singing your heart out are incredible! Whether you are enjoying a sing- along in the shower or with friends on a karaoke machine, each time you make a joyful noise, you are enhancing your health.

In addition to an aerobic exercise for the lungs, singing increases your well-being with each note you belt by releasing positive endorphins into your system that increase your energy level and improve your mood. Singing also reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, stimulates blood circulation and can be practiced anywhere. On your next road trip or while sitting in traffic, turn up the volume and sing along!

M.U.S.I.C. is....

M - MOTIVATIONAL: Music can alter your mood & mindset...

U - UNIVERSAL: Music crosses all geographical, language & cultural barriers...

S - SOCIAL: Music brings people together...

I - INSPIRATIONAL: Music can move us to action like nothing else can...

C - CATHARTICAL: Music can soothe the soul & touch us deeply at the core of our being...

Be sure to check out this website for LOTS of musical learning FUN!