Welcome to Miss Cunniff's Kindergarten Classroom!


Week of June 3-7, 2019

*-Reminders For This Week:- IMPORTANT:- 
*-Homework will not come home on Monday, June 3, 2019.  Please continue to practice the graduation songs that are in the purple folder.  Please practice your reading if you were chosen to read for the graduation ceremony. Please make sure you keep your Alphabet Copybook, Studybook Copybook, and Owl Folder home so you can use them to get ready for first grade. Also, please read over any reminders/important information regarding the Kindergarten graduation that will be coming home this week.  Thank You!    

*-Wednesday, June 5, 2019- 10:00am Lower Church- Kindergarten Closing Ceremony.  (Graduation Day).
*-Friday, June 7, 2019- Teacher Clerical Day.  No Classes for Students.

**-Attendance this week is very important because we are practicing for graduation.  We start early in the morning so being on time is also important.  Thank you for your support and cooperation!  

*-Working together as parents, teacher, and students is a team effort, and together we all can make this school year a rewarding learning experience.

*-Ms. Gorman has asked that on gym day, the girls are not allowed to wear earrings, necklaces, or large hair bows for safety reasons.  Thank you!

Important:-  *-You may keep your Alphabet, Studybook, and Owl Folder home to help you get ready for first grade.  *-The students must know all the High-Frequency Vocabulary Words for first grade.  Also, please continue to practice printing your child's first name and last name at home.  Please do your best to reinforce printing first and last name at home.  Very Important:- Please be going over high-frequency vocabulary words every night.  I sent home a list of all Unit 4, Unit 5, and Unit 6 Words-Lessons 16-20, 21-25, 26-30.  Please be studying!!  The boys and girls may cut the words at home and use the words as flashcards to help them know the words better.  *-Please reinforce these words at home!   We are now learning Unit 6 High-Frequency Vocabulary/Sight Words.  Please! Please! be studying every night!!!  The boys and girls need to know these words for first grade.  *-Please reinforce all high-frequency vocabulary words from Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  

*-I will be sending home the yellow June behavior conduct calendar in your child's purple folder this week.  Please remember to sign it every night in the appropriate box.  Some Parents are forgetting to sign the Conduct Calendar. Please do remember to sign.  This is my way of communicating with you. Thank you!

*-Please do remember to hand in your Absentee Note when you return to school after being absent.  Some are forgetting to hand in their Absent Note to me.  Thank You!

*-Miss Cunniff's Email Address:-


*-Please check my website pages for all updated information you may need to know! Thank You!!


*-Parents,  Please make sure you initial/sign your child's yellow (BEHAVIOR CONDUCT CALENDAR) June Conduct Calendar every day.  This is kept in your child's purple Take Home Folder every day and brought back to school.  This is my way of communicating with you how your child's behavior was for that day.  Thank You for your cooperation! Also, please remember to remove papers on Friday from the purple Take Home Folder.

*-Please remember to send in an Art Shirt if you haven't already.  Also, please remember to put your child's first and last name on everything.  School Bags, Lunch Boxes, Sweaters, Sweat Shirts, Coats/Jackets, etc.  Thank You!  There are some boys and girls who have the same school bag and lunch box. 
*-I have a few sweatshirts in my classroom right now with no name.  Please check to see if you are missing a sweatshirt.  I also have a hat.  Check to see if you are missing a hat.  Thank You!

*-We do have some food allergies in the classroom.  Please be mindful of sending in peanut butter.  Thank you for your understanding.

*-Please talk with your children about what they like to eat for lunch.  Last week, some boys and girls were saying they didn't like what was in their lunch.  Thank You for your understanding!

*-If you signed up to volunteer throughout the school year, please make sure you have your clearances on file.  Thank You!   

*-Please feel free to contact me with a note if you have any questions or 
concerns and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!  We are definitely moving along in K2!!

*-Weekly Specials Schedule:-  

Tuesday- Computer
Wednesday- Gym
Thursday- Music
Thursday- Library
Friday- Art
Friday- Sister Mary Ann:- (Religious Enrichment) (One day a week)
Friday- Sounds in Motion.  (Ms. Patty) (One day a week)