Welcome to Miss Cunniff's Kindergarten Classroom!


Week of December 17-21, 2018

*-Reminders For This Week:- 
*-Monday, December 17, 2018- Christmas Arts and Crafts Day with Parents. 
*-Tuesday, December 18, 2018- Grade 1 Christmas Play at 1:00pm for grades K-3. 
*-Wednesday, December 19, 2018- Please remember to return your library book or it will be marked as overdue  this day. Please return library book in purple Take Home Folder. Thank you! I would like to have all library books returned before we leave for the Christmas break.  Thank you!
*-Wednesday, December 19, 2018- Christmas Card Shoe Box and Christmas Cards are due.  Read Kindergarten's Fun Filled Days of December Letter that was sent home the beginning of the month.
*-Thursday, December 20, 2018- Christmas Party with Pizza and Exchange of Christmas Cards.
*-Friday, December 21, 2018- 9:30am Christmas Liturgy.  All are welcome to attend.  
Reminder:-  This is a 2:30pm Dismissal.  *-Full Day of School.
*-Tuesday, January 2, 2019- School Holiday.
*-Wednesday, January 3, 2019- Classes Resume.

*-I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Enjoy your peaceful break with family and friends.  See you in 2019! 

*-Working together as parents, teacher, and students is a team effort, and together we all can make this school year a rewarding learning experience.

*-If you still would like to contribute towards a Christmas Gift for our lunch mother and Kindergarten Aides, please send in $6.00 by Tuesday, December 18, 2018.  Thank you!  I am still waiting on some people to hand in money if you would like to contribute towards a Christmas Gift.

*-Please read important letter about ClassDojo that was sent home.  Please remember to sign up.  Thank you!  I am waiting on four people to sign up on ClassDojo and return the paper that I sent home asking for your email address and phone number.

*-Ms. Gorman has asked that on gym day, the girls can not wear earrings, necklaces, or large hair bows for safety reasons.  Thank you!

*-Please read all important information coming home in December.  December is going to be a very busy month in Kindergarten. Please read Kindergarten's Fun Filled Days of December Letter.  Please pay attention to when things are due and return on time.  Thank you!   

*-Also, please study with your child in knowing their full address and birthdates. Some children still do not know their full address or birthday.  I will be asking by the end of this week/month.  *-I told them to practice it over the weekend and I am going to ask them this week.  I would like everyone to know their full address and birthday by the end of this month.  Thank you!  *-This is a requirement to know on the Kindergarten Report Card.

Homework is given each Monday in the green owl folder and is due each Friday.  (Unless told otherwise).      *-Homework will not come home this week.  Please do remember to return all homework in the green owl folder or it will be marked on your child's behavior conduct calendar as incomplete.  I am really working hard in getting the boys and girls into a regular routine. Please remember that on Fridays the boys and girls need to return their purple folder, green owl folder, Studybook Copybook, and A Copybook unless told otherwise.  The A Copybook will not come home this week.  **Important:-  Parents,  Please read and follow all the directions for the homework in the A Copybook.  Last week, some students did not follow the directions.  Please read the homework sheet in the green owl folder. It is important to do it exactly how it is explained on the homework sheet.  Also, please work on neatness when practicing printing of the letters in the A Copybook.  The letters should be printed using a pencil and starting at the top of the line not in the middle of the line.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.  Hopefully, the A Copybook will be better.  

Please study every night, even if all the written work is complete for the week.

*-I will be sending home the green December behavior conduct calendar in your child's purple folder.  Please remember to sign it every night in the appropriate box.  Some Parents are forgetting to sign the Conduct Calendar.  Thank you!

*-Miss Cunniff's Email Address:-


*-Please check my website pages for all updated information you may need to know! Thank You!!


*-Please send in your child's snack money as soon as you can if you haven't already.  Thank you! 

*-Parents,  Please make sure you initial/sign your child's green (BEHAVIOR CONDUCT CALENDAR) December Conduct Calendar every day.  This is kept in your child's purple Take Home Folder every day and brought back to school.  This is my way of communicating with you how your child's behavior was for that day.  Thank you for your cooperation! Also, please remember to remove papers on Friday from the purple Take Home Folder.

*-Please remember to have all books, A and S Copybook, Journal Book, and the two folders covered with clear contact paper.  Please remember to send the books back to school every day.  Even if they are not covered with clear contact paper, please send them into school.  We are working in our books in school and when the boys and girls do not have their books they are missing the skills and concepts that I am teaching.  Thank you for your continued cooperation.  I am really working hard in getting the boys and girls into a regular routine and when they don't come to school prepared it is very difficult on them as well as on me.

*-Please remember to send in an Art Shirt if you haven't already.  Also, please remember to put your child's first and last name on everything.  School Bags, Lunch Boxes, Sweaters, Sweat Shirts, Coats/Jackets, etc.  Thank you!  There are some boys and girls who have the same school bag and lunch box. 

*-We do have some food allergies in the classroom.  Please be mindful of sending in peanut butter.  Thank you for your understanding.

*-Please talk with your children about what they like to eat for lunch.  Last week, some boys and girls were saying they didn't like what was in their lunch.  Thank you for your understanding!

*-If you signed up to volunteer throughout the school year, please make sure you have your clearances on file.  Thank you!   

*-Please feel free to contact me with a note if you have any questions or 
concerns and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!  We are definitely coming along in K2!!

*-Weekly Specials Schedule:-  

Tuesday- Computer
Wednesday- Gym
Thursday- Music
Thursday- Library
Friday- Art
Friday- Sister Mary Ann:- (Religious Enrichment) (One day a week)
Friday- Sounds in Motion.  (Ms. Patty) (One day a week)