Portfolio of a Connected Educator

Susan Valle, May 2017

Welcome to My ePortfolio

I began teaching over thirty years ago when technology in the classroom meant the teacher had an overhead projector and a television connected to a VHS player. The chalk boards in my classroom have been replaced by an interactive whiteboard (ebeam), the overhead project by a document camera (Elmo) and my school implemented a 1:1 iPad program in September. Wanting to learn more about using technology in the classroom I decided to enroll in the online course EDUC 611: Advanced Teaching with Technology. This course presented me with two challenges; first to become a connected educator and second to transform learning through technology. My successful completion of these challenges, enabled me to demonstrate mastery of the five ISTE Teacher Standards listed below:

Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity

Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments

Model digital age work and learning

Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility

Engage in professional growth and leadership

My ePortfolio includes samples of my work that align with the ISTE Teacher Standards.

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Susan Valle