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Mrs Wirsing Science

Mrs Watts Health/Homeroom

Ms. Hasty Guidance

School Phone Number (207)282-4181


Calm Bobcat Info:

Please provide your name, team, and select the Calm Bobcat activity you would like to attend. Only the first 7 students who respond can attend each Week. Depending on number of students interested you can only participate in one Calm Bobcat for month. If you are selected you will get a special pass letting you know. Thanks for participating!!

Saco Hangout

A few students in 7th grade are working with Saco Parks and Rec to create a Saco Hangout, a safe place for kids grade 6-9 to go after school and on the weekend. They have a building and are now creating ideas for the space. They have created a Google Form survey to hear from other students at SMS about what they would like to see there or if they would like to get involved.


Hangout Website: