Transforming Cybersecurity Risks into Highly Valued Outcomes with a lifelong passion for information security that started with a simple question back in 1984.

The avatars featured on this site were all created using photos of Russell Nomer and artificial intelligence algorithms. If you are interested in learning more about the process, please feel free to reach out.

Consulting, Advisory and Coaching Services

Russell Nomer Consulting provides pragmatic coaching for maturing your security posture, reducing your risk, facilitating compliance and improving your operational efficiency.

  • Are your current security investments producing tangible results?

  • Is your cyber hygiene program optimized?

  • Have you conducted sufficient threat modeling?

  • Is your continuity program sufficient?

  • What's the average number of bugs compared to the lines of code in your environment and why should you care?

  • Are you oversharing?

  • Are your policies effective?

  • Does your governance accelerate trust as a competitive marketing advantage?

  • Is complacency and resistance to innovation and change negatively impacting your bottom line?

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