The Runnemede Summer Chromebook Program is an online only summer experience. We offer a variety of online courses that will allow students to keep progressing forward educationally throughout the summer months. Runnemede teachers have created multiple courses that will challenge and excite educational curiosity.

The Runnemede Summer Chromebook Program will be split into two summer sessions of five weeks each. Students can elect to take a course or courses in Session A, Session B or both. If you take the same class in Session B we are offering new content if requested!

Participation in the Runnemede Summer Chromebook program is entirely voluntary!

Student currently in Grades 2-4 MUST Sign and return this Chromebook User Agreement Form (Click to Open) by June 15th to receive their computer before the end of the school year.

Students currently in Grades 5-7 can opt into the Summer Chromebook program when ready, click this link to get the classroom codes!