Leadership Opportunities

Clipboard Monitor (1 for the month): Ahmed S.

Lunch Monitors (2 for the month): Basmalah, Zaki

Schedule & Calendar monitor (1): Safa

DPA leaders (2 for the year): Basmalah, Adam

Homework Updater (2 for the year): Rohail, Ahmed S.

Attendance (am and pm for the week): Zaki

Telephone Manager (2 for the year): Yasen, Ahmed B.

Hall monitors (2 for the year): Ahmed N., Shermeen

Library Leaders (2 for the year): Ayesha, Sanaa

Ruth Restaurant (6 for the year):

Handout Helpers (2 for the month): Ryan, Sanaa

Student Ambassadors (2 for the year): Ahmed S. , Ayesha

Board of Trustees (2 for the year): Aisha, Safa, Saniya (alternate)

Riptide Editors (2 for the year): Safa, Saniya

Tech Team: Ahmed S, Mohammed S.

Athletic Council: Jordis, Zaki

Art Council: Saniya