This year, all of the Math lessons can be found on a shared Google Drive under Math lessons.

Math Homework Book Expectations

I am successful when I:

  • write the date and title
  • underline or highlight the date and title
  • write the question if it is necessary
  • label my work correctly
Grade 8 Mathematics - An Overview for Students.doc

Math Text Book Link

Number Sense Integers TERM 1

adding and subtracting integers 3.ppt

Number Sense Resources TERM 1

Power of 10 and Scientific Notation
Multiply and Divide Decimals Using Models
Metric Conversions
Factors, Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers.ppt
Ladder for GCF LCM Simp Frac.ppt
adding and subtracting integers 3
PPT 1 Types of Graphs
PPT 2 Measures of Central Tendency 2010 ‎(1)‎
Relating Census and Data