Literacy Ladder Roles, Rubrics & Etc.

Literacy Ladder Expectations

Please note if you are presenting:

Student captains/ Teacher supervising please write the name of the student(s) who have NOT completed their role (or who are sick) on my “Naughty List” on the board so that I can keep track. If the student is present in class they will NOT be in the presentation group discussing the answers, but will have to complete their role on THEIR OWN and hand it in the next day (or they will be given a level R).

Please see the Language bulletin board for a level 4 exemplar for all roles.

All answers must be written in PEN or TYPED (printing MUST be done BEFORE the start of class) and be in the students portfolio or the role is considered LATE.

Thank you

Mrs. McDonald

Here are documents of Literacy Ladder roles, rubrics and etc.:

Literature Circles Role Rubric #1

Literature Circles Role Rubric #2

Literacy Ladder Roles

Literature Circles Oral Rubric