Language Arts

Poster Rubric
poster graphic organizer
Black History Month Poster lesson
Copy of 1. Setting and Mood.pptx
Copy of Day 7 - Point of View.ppt
Copy of Conflict Introduction.pptx
Copy of 1. Plot Structure.pptx
Copy of 2. The Landlady - Plot Structure.pdf
01. Setting Introduction.pptx
Copy of 1. Characterization.pptx
Copy of 1. Types of Characters.pptx
next steps for spoken word
Final Poem Rubric
Poetry Workshop

two voices Feedback Checklist (Blank)
Poem for Two Voices Outline and Success Criteria.docx

ME TUBE ASSIGNMENT SHEET: for lyric analysis of a song of your choice (retell, relate, reflect)

3. MeTube Assignment Overview.docx
Success Criteria For Retell Paragraph
Success Criteria Relate
Success Criteria Reflect

6 word memoir example

Dobson - Exemplar Slide
Dobson-word memoir assignment & rubric
Getting started
Dobson-word memoir assignment & rubric

Grade 7: 6 Word Memoires
Punctuation Matters
words with meaning